What is a ZOOMagic show?

Your events and meetings can make or break the success of your business. Decisions are being made daily, boldly, sometimes dozens of them.

But you CAN’T make decisions while you are sleeping in a zoom meeting. Right? You want your employees and customers to be engaged and even entertained. What can you add to your Virtual Event to get a Standing Ovation for your brand? 

So if you are looking for an online magic show, virtual ideas or want to produce a fun team event, you came to the right place… 

Welcome to Matan Rosenberg’s ZOOMagic

a virtual experience high pace show that will delight, excite, motivate and inspire the most important people in the world – your staff.

Felitia Finette
Human Resources Generalist CEHL

Being in lockdown, our organization could not go ahead with our planned face to face All Company meet. Matan held a virtual show for us and it was magic and smiles all around. He is a great showman, and brought joy to us during a tough time in Melbourne. I would highly recommend Matan if you are looking for something fun and different. Thank you Matan, we hope to have you again.

From the team at Common Equity Housing Limited, Melbourne, Australia


Alannah Smith
Human Resources Officer at Inclusion Melbourne, Australia.

"Matan Rosenberg delivered an impressive online magic and illusion performance to our employees & volunteers, which left us all wanting more! His enthusiasm was infectious; he was engaging and entertaining! The tricks and illusions were fascinating and extremely clever! Overall, what a truly awesome guy - highly recommend for
any occasion!"

Chris Ellis
CTO at CASltd, Scotland

“Team CAS really enjoyed Matan’s show. Even with everyone working remotely it was a great way for a small team to have a shared experience. And it was especially fun as family could also join in. Matan is a friendly and very engaging performer, and we’re still trying to figure out how the
magic works…”

After performing for over 200 companies around the world,
Matan is ready to serve YOU with a dose of Virtual surprise and amazement.
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Play Video

and add a Magic Show to your Virtual Event

What is a ZOOMagic show?

During these Pandemic times, all physical face to face interactions stopped. The effort to slow the spread of Covid-19 around the world had implications on us all.
Including on our Zoom Meetings and Virtual Events. 

By adding an entertainment piece to those events we can:

Virtual Magic Shows are a great add on to your events because everyone gets a front seat in the show. The engagement is fun and surprising and the show is tailored to your schedule needs and brand.

So how does it work?


Matan will present you with a show that where minds are read and thoughts are influenced.
People will say: “How the heck can this guy in Israel read my mind while I’m sitting in my home office in Boston?!!?”

The show takes place over Zoom so you can save money on the catering or the parking expenses. No need to pay for Matan’s flight expenses anymore. Enjoy a Virtual Experience that will make your boss scratch their head trying to figure out how he does it!


Participation is the name of the game!

Everyone will interact with Matan in a spectacle full of impossible moments!

“Thank you so much for the show yesterday, the feedback was excellent and everybody thought it was fabulous!” 

Kirsten Hasseriis

Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Excellion Capital, UK

FLEXIBLE - Matan integrates the company messages into the presentation itself. Which means that your employees will laugh, feel inspired, and absolutely LOVE the experience.

TRANSFORMATIONAL - the show feels like a jolt of high energy, as Matan’s charisma and hilarious laughter brings everyone together.

BOOM - expect a lot of compliments coming your way through slack, messenger, and even in your next evaluation. It’s that good!

Unite all of your working from home employees in one Virtual Experience with Matan Rosenberg’s zoomagic!

Hurry up to book Matan before it’s too late.

Why pick the zoomagic Virtual Experience

After over 100 shows to companies like yours through Zoom, Matan figured out the perfect formula.

People feel like Matan is performing in the same room as they are. They sit at the edge of their seats, excited to see whats going to happen next. Can it really be true that Matan is about to read people’s mind through the screen? Will he be able to predict every single decision your Senior Director makes?

There are three main reasons to work with Matan Rosenberg: 

SUPER FUNNY - this high energy show is not just engaging and high pace. It also provides a totally immersive clean comedy experience

THE PREDICTION - something impossible is going to happen in the show that will make all of your company’s perfectionists, smart guys and leaders raise their hands in the air and ask “How?!?”

THE EXPERIENCE - you are in good hands with Matan’s charisma and rolling laugh. People just love his presence and you will too

Hey, you don’t need to guess if the show is going to be any good or not. Simply schedule a 15 minutes demo session (free) and Matan will gladly show you exactly what your company’s employees will compliment you about after you choose Matan Rosenberg and his zoomagic.

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See in action

When you book ZOOMagic you can expect reactions and customizations like these:

If you read this far...

Wouldn’t it make a whole lot of sense to meet me for 10 minutes over zoom, connect, and have a proper chat? 


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